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Xiaomi Mi 3 Capable To Beat All

Xiaomi Mi 3 is a new smartphone which is soon to be launched . You might not have heard about that Brand, its new brand from china which is getting popularity in market due to is Mi series . Mi 3 has features and look which is capable to beat the King Moto G in the range of below 15K. they both are priced 13,999/- INR on flipkart. Let me tell you little about Xiaomi Brand , its basically chinese electronic company which used to sell smartphone , mobile apps and consumer electronics. It has launched Mi 3  and Mi 4 , which will be available soon on flipkart.

Display and Design

Its more unique than Moto G look. Its 5 inch long phone which is 0.5 inch longer than Moto G. Xiaomi has got very different look , its depends on your whether it attracts you or not , since its something new seen in smartphone market.It is Full HD with 1920*1080 pixels. 

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Inside the Phone 

Now that makes the most difference , Xiaomi is much powerful and super fast than Moto G because it has 2.23 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 where as Moto G is 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. But Xiaomi lacks in giving dual sim facility , since it is single sim only where as Moto G is dual sim.
It has powerful battery inside it 3050 mah whereas Moto G had 2070 mah.  

Camera wise also Xiaomi Mi 3 beated Moto G badly since it has 13 mp primary and 2 mp secondary where as Moto G has 5 mp primary and 1.3 mp secondary with single LED flash but Xiaomi has dual LED flash. 

Life's Good G3 Smartphone Coming To Market

Life's Good new G3 smartphone has been launched in the market. Its new product of LG G series after the G2. Since LG G3 is senior to G2 so it is understood that it will overcome the drawbacks of previous G2 phone with addition few new features in it.We will discuss now in detail about whats new in this device and why it need to be purchased. So lets beginning with Display.

Display And Design.

The thing which makes LG phone different from other brands is their look , these devices are so beautiful that one becomes fan of it just by single look towards without switching on the device . They are very attractive smartphone .G3 is 5.5 inches , 0.3 inches longer then G2 .No doubt it slim but the thing which is new in this device is Quad HD resolution. It has 534 PPI resolution where as G2 has 424 PPI with Gorilla Glass 2 protection . G3 have Gorilla glass 3 protection which is upgraded now. 
G3 is available in three color variant : Shine gold , SilkWhite and Metallic Black. G3 is more prettier than G2. Look wise also its upgraded now.

Into The Device

Now lets move into the internal capabilities of this phone. The thing which separates Xpera Z2 ,HTC M8 and Galaxy S5 is that they are water resistant but LG phones are not yet made water proof. As it is earleir mentioned it is just upgraded version of G2. LG overcomes the drawback of not having MicroSd slot in G2. It does support MicroSd card which is expandable upto 128 Gb.It has got same 2.2 Ghz Qualcomm snapdragon 800 chipset which G2 had , only difference is default Andriod version , earlier G2 had Jelly Bean and now it has KitKat , just a little upgradation.

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Camera is also same as that of G2 , primary 13 mp and secondary 2.1mp but the difference is dual LED flash earlier it had only single LED flash. Video recording is little bit slower than other brands because it gives you ability to record 2160@30fps , 1080@ 30fps only. Sasumsung S5 gives 2160@30fps ,1080@60fps and 720@120fps.

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LG phones are good at battery , earlier G2 had 3000 mah non removable battery and now G3 has removable & replaceable 3000 mah Battery.

Samsung S5 would be better choice than G3 because S5 is around 38K but G3 is 50K approx which seems to be costlier . Samsung S5 can give you more features than G3 , moreover G3 is not water resistant and S5 is best water resistant phone in market today following Xperia Z2.

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Most Awaited Amazon Fire 3D Launched

World's largest and best online retailer company Amazon has launched its first smartphone with aim to defeat all the smartphones in the market. Its gaining popularity due to various factors , first of all its the world's first 3D smatphone with low price tag of approx 11K.   Another interesting features are its 4 camera in front, Firely technology and its unique look. It is available for buying from 24 July only in US, will take time to launch world wide. It has 32 GB and 64 GB variant.

Design and display.

It is 4.7 inch long device with IPS LCD screen which is common feature in every smartphones now days.It should have been 5 inches at least but its not so. No doubt it also got Gorilla Glass protection but the thing which separates it from other smartphone is 3D Dynamic Perspective User Interface based on four front camera which lets you auto scroll , Tilt and swivel . This feature is not available in other smartphones in this range.Another interesting thing is Firely Technology which allows you to gather all information about any product , music , movies or anything just by focusing the device on it.


You might get surprised to see the capability of this device. Its the only phone in the 11K range device which gives you 13 mp primary and  2.1 mp secondary camera with optical image stabilization. It has got the guts to challenge the camera of IPhone and Galaxy S5.You will not believe me unless you see the difference of images captured by these devices.

LED flash is present on the backside ,if it could have Xenon flash then it would become the best capturing smartphone in the range of 11K .Another drawback is it does not have dual Flash. 

Inside the Device

It has powerfull 2.2 GHz Quad core processor with Snapdragon 800 chipset which is very impressive and lets you switch the apps with lightning speed. Operating system is Fire OS 3.5 which is customized by Amazon.It has 2Gb of Ram and internal 32Gb storage ( 32Gb variant) .The thing which can surpise you again is that it comes with unlimited Amazon Cloud Storage where you can save unlimited music, videos , files etc. There is no MicroSd slot in this device .Another drawback is,  its not Dual sim.

Amazon Fire 3D has got Dolby surround sound which lets you create a musical environment.Its completely surprising device which have many thing which can shock you. It shocking because one can never such features in low budget phone. Amazon fire is being compared with Apple Iphone 5S, Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5.

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Here comes Samsung's K Zoom

Samsung made a come back in market of smartphones with its all new K zoom product.This device will give tough competition to Gionee Elife E7 which is made for shooting and Sony Xperia Z2 which is capable of underwater capturing. You might be thinking why K zoom is being compared to Z2 and E7 because these all have 20 mp or above primary camera. These are the phones which are popular for their camera and capturing ability so they needed to be compared to conclude which is best among them ?

Display and Design 

Samsung Galaxy K zoom has that old look of samsung smartphone in the front but at the back its totally shocking  because there is very attractive retracting lens just like the digital cameras which give us powerful capturing capability.

This device is smaller than E7 and Xperia Z2  since its just 4.8 inches only .If we remove the retracting lens from backside it just look like S5 . Resolution wise Sony Xperia is best , Smasung Galaxy is unable  defeat it since it has only 309 PPI of pixel density. Undoubtedly it has got Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection which is similar in rest of these smartphones .But the thing which separates Xperia Z2 is water resistance ability which is lacking in  K zoom .


This is the only feature in the K Zoom which makes it different from rest all others.First of all it has 20.7 mp primary camera with 5248*3936 pixels and 2 mp secondary camera . Then comes the super powerful Xenon flash which is know to be best flash  since it gives clear image in low light conditions. Check this comparison between LED flash and Xenon Flash.

Another interesting thing is it has 10x zoom and full HD video recording with 1080p @ 60fps which lets you record most memorable moments with crystal clear quality.It also gives you to separate AF and AE , lets you control the light according to your wish.

Inside the Device

Its no doubt super fast like all other high end smartphones since it has got 2 Gb of Ram with Exynos 5 chipset , Built in Andriod KitKat version. It has two processor one is Quad core 1.3 GHz Cortex A7 and dual core 1.7 GHz Cortex A15.It has only 8 Gb of internal storage which is not sufficient , so it has MicroSd slot which is expandable upto 64 Gb.It has got NFC which lets you share anything just by touching the receiver device. It is not dual sim which is disappointing .

Atlast all we conclude is that it's just a Super Camera Smartphone ,especially for photography and selfie lovers. This is great choice for camera lovers as it of only 29,999/- INR.

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Xolo Windows Phone : Q900

Now another windows phone launched by new brand . This time its Xolo who had came out with its new Xolo Win Q900. Xolo is the third company which has made a windows phone , earlier Micromax and Nokia has launched Windows phone .The price this device  is in the same range of as that of Micromax win 121 and Nokia Lumia 520 , approximately 11K .

Design and Display

It is 4.7 inch device nearly about 11.94 cm , Micromax  win 121 is 5 inch , So Micromax is longer than Xolo.  Both are HD devices but in terms of resolution  Xolo has 312 ppi  pixel density where as Micromax has 293 PPI pixel density. Xolo is better choice over Micromax in terms of resolution and display.Xolo gives you Proximity , Magnetometer, Ambient Light and Accelerometer sensor while Micromax gives only three sensors : Proximity, Gravity and light sensor.

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Xolo Q900 has 8 mp rear camera with PureCel (TM) sensor and 2 mp front camera.  Led Flash is also present . Camera wise Micromax also have same features .Both these new windows device making brands have overcame the drawback of not having front camera in Lumia 520  as both Xolo Q900 and Micromax win 121 have front facing camera with good resolution. 

Inside The Device

No doubt both the brands have 1.2 GHz quadcore processor with 1 Gb of internal RAM. so there is tie between both the brands as both are equally capable in terms of performance. Windows 8.1 is present in both.  Both of these devices are dual sim smartphones. Difference comes only in terms of battery Xolo has 1800 mah Li-Pol battery and  miromax has 2000 mah Li-Ion battery , which gives you 150 hours of standby and 8 hours of Talktime , inspite of that Xolo gives more Standby time ( 263 hours 2G  and 246 hours 3G)and Talktime( 23 hours 2G and 14 hours 3G).

So the generation of Windows phones is coming now with new brands. This will help to grow popularity of windows phone and will also help in increasing applications in Windows Store . Both Xolo and Micromax had overcame lags of Lumia .

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Xolo Q1200 Launched to Beat Motorola

Xolo has recently launched it new smartphone named as Q1200 , which has a price tag of 13,999/- INR. This is the price range of very popular Motorola's moto g. So no doubt this device will be compared to Moto g . Is it able to beat moto g ?? lets check it

Display and Design  

It has mettalic body which has stunning look. In the white color range this device has grey touch on body which is very nice . This device is able to catch anyone's attraction towards it . It has dual Dolby sound speakers one  near to camera and other at the bottom on back side which gives it fantastic look . so I must say that in look wise 5 inch Q1200 won over 4.5 Inch Moto g. Both of them has Corning gorilla glass 3 protection.

Moto g has bettter resolution than Moto g no doubt both ar full HD but moto g has 394 PPI density where as xolo has 294 PPI. So Design wise Xolo Q1200 won but resoultion wise Moto G leads. 
In terms of Display Xolo has lot more feature than Moto g because Xolo has Gamut of Touch free Gesture feature, Cold Screen Access , Hover Support, smart gesture features and 5 fingers supported.


Xolo Q1200 has dual flash while Moto G has single flash. Moto G has 5 mp primary and 1.3 mp secondary while Xolo has 8 mp primary with Sony Exmor Sensor and 2mp secondary camera. so xolo wins in terms of photography .

Inside Phone

Xolo has 1.3Ghz quad core processor which is only 0.1 GHz more than moto g, so speed wise both are equally fast. There is difference of chipset used moto G has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 while Xolo has MT6582 chipset.Both of them have 1 Gb of Ram and sufficient internal storage . Difference arises at internal memory XoloQ1200 gives you 8 Gb of internal while Moto G gives you 16 Gb of internal with a drawback of not having external Sd Card Slot . Xolo has external SDcard slot which is expandable upto 32 Gb. Battery wise both have nearly equal capacity.

So Xolo Q1200 is not a bad choice over Moto G , it has lot more features which Moto G don't have.You can switch over Xolo as it is more advance than Moto g .Moto g is very popular because of name of Google .

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Micromax Windows Phone Launched

Micromax the rising company has tried to win the market by launching its first windows phone . Earlier windows phones were just meant to be in  Nokia devices but now the trend of windows OS has taken up  by Micromax also. Micromax launched its new Canvas Win 121 which features windows 8.1 and lot more which we will be discussing now.

Design and Display

It has 5 inch HD IPS screen which is attractive and nice in looking. Its look resembles the previous canvas phones nothing new to be seen in looking wise . It has got leather back panel . Color depth of 16.7 M is present as expected . You will get to see windows screen in Micromax device ,like earlier windows screen was expected to be in Nokia Lumia series as none other company launched its device with windows interface, so that's the different thing which you will see .


Camera is also descent having 8mp AF rear and 2mp FF front with flash also. Got autofocus in rear camera only. Camera would not be as good as Lumia as Lumia has pureview but Micromax has not. Lumia's camera is better.It will not disappoint you but you should not expect like Lumia's camera .

Inside The Device

The main attraction of this phone is Windows 8.1 interface with 1.2GHz Quad Core Qualcomm chipset.So its fast enough to switch between apps. It has 2000mah Battery which is good .The main problem is of storage , it has only4.29 Gb for internal storage and apps. To resolve this problem you need to add up 8 Gb external memory card , as it supports external MicroSd card. Three sensors are provided by Micromax Gravity, proximity and light , which is good .In the range of below 10K getting such good camera and sensors is good, as Lumia 520 does not have such sensors in it .

For user point of view this is good news that other companies also started launching windows phone as this will help to grow more apps in windows store and complaint of less apps in windows OS will soon resolve . This device will give tough competition to Lumia 520 but camera wise it will be defeated

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Promoting Your Content Via Social Networking sites : Atultec Tips

For new comers, it is most important to let their post reach others eye. So they get confused what to do next after publishing few post, next comes .There are social networking sites which can help to great extent in bringing traffic to your blog.Platform like facebook, twitter, digg have been found very useful to spread your word to ears of world. Atultec is here to give you tips and let you know the platforms where you can easily promote.

Facebook Groups  

Facebook is the best social networking site where you can promote you post and let others know about you. Facebook is the top Social networking site as most of the user are active on Facebook , so your post can reach them easily.You can easily promote their stuff via these helpful groups mentioned below.You just need to join these groups .

There are few groups on facebook where thousands of people are active. Here are few groups mentioned below where you can promote :

Smashing Bloggers:

This group presently has 20,700 active members .This is purely blogger groups.

Multilevel Marketing

This group presently has 31,634 members . This groups is all about marketing , where people promote their products,business and their post.

Tech Guru India 

It is purely smartphone group where people ask their queries about any technical help like how to install whatsapp , selecting mobile of their budget and getting advise also and get queries resolved .If you are tech reviewer then you can promote your post here as it will be most valuable here to share , because people in this groups wants that only.It has 12,696 active members.

These are few other groups which also has descent number of people active and connected.As the name suggest these groups are just like that.
  • Blogging Cage.
  • Post sharing.
  • Free promotion.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Digital marketing.
  • SEO Tips
  • Indian Tech Bloggers.
  • Blogger Bunch.
  • Share your topic.


Now it comes the most popular Digg. For us bloggers it's very helpful before Facebook and twitter Digg was the only best social networking site available.It is meant for you only to share your story, just log in via Facebook or twitter and submit your link their .

Where To Buy Personalized Mobile Covers Online In India

Online shopping is the perfect destination to buy all the accessories related to mobile at heavy discounted deals. Top rated online portals are now bringing innovative and attractive designs to lure the customers. Mobile covers have become more of a fashion symbol other than using it for protection damage and scratches. Also people are not finding is easier to order online for things like mobile covers as it is very inconvenient to travel all along market for it. If you are thinking of buying mobile covers, here are some of the hottest destinations to look for.

Printvenue is the one stop destination for mobile accessories. Users can select from ready-to-order customized mobile covers having range of themes and designs. They allow customers to place an order of their personalized mobile covers by giving them options to upload their personal photo.
Personalized mobile cases look elegant and look out of the box to make your mobile more fashionable. You can also gift if to your loved ones to make it look more adorable.

At you can avail the best in class discount deals and customized deals for all mobile accessories including mobile cases. Its powerful refined search engine gives you option to refine mobile covers.
·         Search mobile covers by type with options like back cover case, bumper, case with stand etc.
·         Users can refine results based on different material like leather, hard shell, silicon soft, TPU glossy glass etc.
·         Option to search from ranges of color is also given to customers
·         Theme wise search filter is made available to choose favorite themes like bike, football, Hollywood etc.

Name the mobile phone’s brand and you can find the required personalized mobile cover for the same. You can find all sorts of covers like flip cover, flipbook cover, leather cover and etc. The store has mobile case which can be gifted to a near and dear one in their birthday, anniversary and many other such occasions. You can get any kind of message imprinted on the cover like name, picture, small message and etc.

How would it feel to carry a premium segment mobile and get a self-designed case/cover for such high end product? Yes it would be great, and this customization is possible at various online marketplace like You will just need to upload a picture or a sketch of the design you want imprinted on the cover, and it will be done. You will be amazed to know that this facility is available at a very low cost and typically you will just need to spend about Rs 500-Rs 600 on the cover.

Get a sweet message imprinted on the mobile case, and let your near ones know about your feelings for them. has some beautiful designs at the store, and has huge delivery coverage across India. You can get the cover made for any kind of phone with any kind of size.  Her

World Wide Developer Conference 2014

Worldwide developer conference is a well known name amongst developers and tech enthusiast but for those who really don’t know what WWDC is, need not to worry I am here to make you understand about WWDC, so just relax and read further for What is WWDC? , who host this event? What happens in this event and Blah Blah!!!

WWDC is an event organized by Apple every year in the month of June to showcase their new and upcoming technology, software’s, products etc to those developers who are attached with APPLE in some or the other way so be it software developer , engineers etc. WWDC is not just an event it’s a whole new world of upcoming technologies, launches, new product announcements or I can just say it’s how the future will look like through the eyes of Apple so for every developer it’s a dream  place to be! similar to what Apple Inc Say’s “You are lucky to be here” .

Small History of WWDC

WWDC was originally started in the year 1998 where Apple Former CEO Steeve Jobs starts the conference with keynote presentations which later known as Steevenotes , and soon after his resignation and sudden death in 2011, Tim Cook has made WWDC events more of demonstrations and purview of apple latest software’s , Technology and  product launch.

Who Host And Who Participates In WWDC ?

It is hosted by Apple every year and it is exclusively for the developers of the world who are chosen through lottery system (Randomly). The success of this event every year is somewhat can be guessed through massive online ticket booking, which finishes within a span of few minutes even though the price of tickets are fixed so high i.e. $1599(Rs95,940)!! (Lucky those who are not selected randomly: p).
The Developers get a chance to experience  Hand On Apple Labs , Special Events ,new Launches Etc through this event.

Now Coming To the Biggest Question of What to Expect From WWDC – 2014?

 Apple which has just slipped to 3rd Spot in terms of sales and is getting really tough competition from Sony for 2nd Spot has to gear up and should launch budget friendly Smartphone to compete with the ongoing challenge put up by Android OS and its Open Source Software License since almost every brand is getting sales boost due to Android, and with the latest bombs of MOTOROLA (E, G&X)which is helping Motorola to clinch market share at a fast pace it will b even more difficult for Apple to get sales number on higher side.

So what I am expecting is Cheap Apple Smartphone this time, and what rumors are saying for WWDC 2014 we will mention it above:

1) A Next Generation Apple Iphone :- The next generation Apple iphone is rumored to have a bigger screen somewhere between 4.5 inch to 4.7 inch since the previous size of Apple iphone 5s was criticize  by Apple fans in a big way, therefore I expect something big from Apple for previous gen small screen size Smartphone.

2) I Watch: - while every company has already launched their smart watch and smart bands, so it’s time for Apple to launch one, since its already been too late for apple to enter into smart watch segment.

3) Next Gen Apple Tv: - I expect a newer version of next gen Apple TV through which games and television can be played and viewed simultaneously.

4) iOS 8 :- With Android making software updates every now and then it is very important for Apple to give a new  UI and extremely fast OS which could be announced this WWDC 2014 , so it will be great to see if Apple announce such news like this.

5) A Home Automation System: - The much talked about home automation system by Apple can surely steel WWDC event as many had rumored about a new home automation system which is developed by Apple could find its place in this year’s WWDC