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Friday, 18 April 2014
Ad Placement guide for beginers

When you  start blogging career you face lots of trouble regarding new things by which we are not familiar . Slowly they began to learn things like myself too had learnt Html little bit with hard work . You might also face trouble with it . I am sharing this post basically for those who are facing problem with html and ads placement.

Blogging can also let you chance to earn money with it. So you try for google adsense , , chitika etc . When you get approved by anyone of these then comes stage to place ads on your website , so that visitor click on that and you get paid for the click . For earning your ad must be able to catch user's attraction , for that Ad should be place appropriately.Best place for putting ads is within the post, where user's gets instant encounter with it while reading and he click on them.

But for beginers it is not so easy to put ads within the post , they are able to put ads only at the corners using Html/JavaScript widget , which is very easy for them, but main task is putting the ads within the post . So I am sharing you my own experience regarding this , which will help you put ads within the post comfortably.

So we are getting started now . follows these simple steps:

  • Copy the Ad code from your adsense or any other account . 
  • Go to blogger then ,  open the post where you want to show ad within it.
  • After opening the post , go to its HTML section , search it on the tab if you don't find it.


  • Paste the ad anywhere where you want your ad to appear to the user. 
  • If you want you ad to appear at the right side then above the html code of ad script type this         <ul style="text-align: left;"> YOUR AD HTML CODE HERE </ul>.
  • you can place the ad anywhere , right , center and left just edit the above code and paste it above your ad within the post.
Best part to put ad within the post is the are which is seen to user without scrolling the window , the top part .
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Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Adjusting  Homepage : Adding "Read More"

First Impression is the last impression , remember this quote .So whenever a visitor visits your website your website need to attractive and user friendly. So when your homepage load it must shows almost everything to visitor so that they can catch that area which they like or finds insteresting. Basically I am sharing this post for the Beginners who had started blogging and finding difficult to add Read more to thier post .

For that you need to shows atleast 5-6 post per page with their brief intro paragraph. If visitor wants to know more , then he would click "Read More" at the corner of the intro paragraph. This Read More tab will redirect them to your complete post.So now beginning with : Follow this steps.


  • You need to login to your blogger account or Wordpress account.
  • Then after every first intro para just insert jump break like shown in image below:

The Read arrow shows you to click that button , then you will see such dotted line after the first paragraph , which is required jump break. Now you will see Read more after that line. 

This process is to be repeated with all your post so that every page can have atleat 5-6 post to display to visitor.  

Above image shows you the outcome of adding jump break into post.

Further limiting the post

You can adjust number of post to be shown in single page .

  • Go to blogger.
  • Select Layout tab.
  • Then you will see Blog post , under that at the right corner you will see Edit option, click on that and now you can limit the number of post to be shown. That's it . 
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014
 Iphone 6 Rumors Rumors and Rumors

Apple iphone 6 the much awaited Smartphone will be arriving soon, Apple iphone 6 is the next big thing for which the apple is gearing. No doubt the share of apple has declined to great extent because of android, so this time apple has to prove its metal by launching iphone 6 with never before innovative feature this is very much essential for Apple as it is losing that Apple Charisma since android had started capturing the market.

Apple usp is premium product with innovative features which has been projected by steeve jobs, he told once that apple will not be allowing android to enter in their territory and hence he uttered “Destroy Android” . If he would had been there, fortune of apple would be somewhere else.
Iit is very much important for apple to get back in the market with a bang, though people expectations for iphone 6 are very high let’s see how much apple will be going to get success with the much awaited Iphone 6.

What are the expectations from Iphone 6

When Iphone 5s has hit the market it had brought a very new and innovative feature of finger print identity sensor which got great response from apple fans so much so that it saved apple from android despite 4 inch screen size people loved it and has given thumps up on the contrary Apple iphone  5C had fallen drastically. So this time iphone  6 should posses a larger screen since we had not seen apple device coming up with more than 4 inch screen size since its biggest competitor has launched more than 5 inch devices which were hot selling , yes its true that this time apple will be launching only 1 device amidst previous launches of iphone 5s and 5c , a more thin and neat look is expected from iphone 6 , it might be a 4.8 inch retina display in apple iphone 6, other specs are still unknown .

It’s all rumors which are spreading as fire the real announcement will be made by apple just 1 day before as apple has tradition in doing so since many launches, let’s hope for the best and right now we don’t have any other choice other than to believing  in rumors, so believe it and be happy J
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Sunday, 13 April 2014
How to Select suitable smartphone for you : A guide

So you also want to have that little world in your pocket , named as samrtphone. Now days person who have a samrtphone can have access to anything from anywhere . For example : you can get any information of particular thing which you wanted to know, you can get music instantly , video, messages etc . Moreover  , you get connected with your buddies and famliy 24*7. Smartphone has made life very easier and simple . But during planning to buy smartphone , you get confused which to buy , which suits your requirement best etc .

 There are many aspects we need to consider during selecting a phone for yourself. Here i will resolve your problem and lets you choose your smartphone easily.We will discuss them thoroughly.


This is the first and most important aspect , is your budget , how much your pocket allows you to spend on purchasing smartphone as it won't come for free of cost. You should set your budget accordingly before selecting a smartphone. Best smartphone are available in below 20K range now days.

Your Use 

You need to think actually what is main purpose related with a smartphone , if you are a businessmen then your need is just to attain call quickly and few messengers, or camera for making contact with your customers. In that case you can select simple android /windows phone , which won't cost you much. For teenagers they need everything like speed , powerful camera to capture memorable moments of their life, messengers , games .  More than that they look smartphone as their status , they seem to buy costliest phone so they buy iPhone , Xperia Z1, Galaxy S5 etc.


You require your smartphone to be super fast and never hangs or hangs seldom then you need to consider Processor,RAM (Random Access Memory) and internal storage of phone. Processor should be Dual core or above than that, RAM need to be 1.4 Gb or above, internal storage should be min 4-8Gb. Then you will get speedy and smooth experience.


If you are photography lover then you need to go with 13mp rear and 5 mp front camera , HD recording ability. You will also need sufficient internal storage also to save you pictures which you captured. Other than that for people who has little use of camera then 5 mp would be good.

Music and Video

Music and Video lover will need to have external memory card slot , and internal storage and internet connectivity too so they should consider phone having 8 gb of internal memory and supports external memory card slot extendable upto 16gb or 32gb . Smartphone should have ability to play all formats of songs and video like .flv, .mkv, .mp4,.mp3,.avi etc . Can play HD videos .
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Sunday, 6 April 2014
Brief Reviewing to Senior of Galaxy S series : S5

Samsung Launched it's new Device to Galaxy S series known as S5 . It is the Best smart phone of the samsung available in market today. It is not totally released now all over the globe, just the previews are shown in the advertisement. This phone has overcomed many things which its previous S4 lagged , we will discuss in Brief now .So beginning with it's Look.

View Or Design 

The look is mainly common just like all other samsung phones, there is nothing new in that . It's just same all i can say. Samsung does not gives you attractive look like Moto g , Elife E 7 , Canvas Knight, Canvas Turbo etc . Moreover, it's body is all plastic , everyone was expecting that S5 would be metallic but it is not , which is disappointing.These phone on the first look catch your attraction and make crazier your purchase them as soon as possible . It has Full Hd 5.1 inch AMOLED screen which is good and with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. 

Inside The Phone

Here the samsung shown it's masterpiece work . This device is made water and dust resistant , for one meter and 30 minutes duration, which makes you feel free to carry your phone anywhere.  Security level of this device is very impressive ,got paypal certified Finger scanner which lets you feel safe to give your device to anybody . Another new thing in this phone is Samsung provided TouchWiz Interface to it. No doubt it's super fast as it has 2.5 Ghz Quad Core processor with latest Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat version including 2 Gb Of RAM . while Elife E7 has 3 Gb of RAM so need to think while purchasing. Baterry is just good 2800 mAh , but it has Ultra Power saving feature  which lets you save your battery , this feature turn your phone Black & White background and shuts all unnecessary applications. Rear 16 megapixels and front 2 megapixel camera, is no doubt superb can give you better photography experience. It's camera can give you killer experience ...its superb.!!

This is very costly phone , expected rate in India is 51500/- INR.This is no doubt samsung's best phone in the markte today.

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Friday, 4 April 2014
Creating Contact Page In 5 Minutes

It is also an important step in the blogger world to become more user friendly and gain readership ."Contact us" Page lets you connect with visitor , helps to listen their query and solve them . People us this page to contact website owner , for any query or enquiry . So how to add this page to your blog , it's not so big deal to add it . For beginners it's very important step , basically I am sharing guide for beginner who are facing problem in adding or those who wanted to add "Contact us " to their blog .

Getting Started

So Friends here we start , I m telling you detail step to follow . Just do what i say .

  • Login to your blogger account , go to "Pages" Tab on the left corner side.
  • Click on " New Page" write the page title as " Contact ". 
  • Then go to foxyform. It a online tool to generate your html coding for the contact us page.
  • Tick mark the things you need to show to visiter so that they enter details in that blank. For example Name , E-mail , Title etc. Then you need to adjust color according to your site background so that it matches you site .After that just enter you emal address where you want your message to be delivered by your visitor . Note that your email address will not be shown to anyone who use conat us to contact you. It will be hided for privacy concern.
  • After entering your email addres , click "Create Formular". 
  • Foxyform will send you mail and html code will be there for your contact us page. Copy that coding and go to new page in pages tab in blogger. 
  • Click" Html" tab near the Compose tab , then press publish. 
  • That's it you are done , your page is now created. 

Anyone who wishes to contact you will use ur contact page and send you message which you will see in you mail account. so now you can respond them accordingly.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014
Top Class  New Elife E7 Review

Gionee mobile manufacturing company has released it's best smart phone in the market named as Elife E7. This is one of the top class Gionee phone made by them.Best thing of Gionee is that this company focus on world wide selling their smartphones , where as Micromax only sees Indian market as their better option to sell smartphones.This phone has no doubt achieved success in the market , made Gionee Elife series popular and even got fame . This phone is encouraged by many people . Now lets begin to review this phone by it look now.


It has 5.5 inch full HD display . looks very slim and long. Weighted 150 g to carry . not so heavy. It has beated the Moto X in it's screen size as Moto X is of 4.7 inch with 130g weight.It lack behind in terms of protection . Gionee could have forgot to provide Corning Gorilla Glass protection to it which is present in the Moto X 16 Gb variant . Purchasing such costly phone but it does not comes with Gorilla Glass protection then it disappoints.This phone has sharp edges , it's not curved , rectangular in shape.

Inside The Phone

That's the thing which separates it from other smartphone it comes with 3gb of Ram and 32 gb Of Rom , which is very fast for user .but it does not hav a  Quad core processor .It lets you do hell out of lot things simultaneously like switching apps etc. Can give you ability to play high graphics games. It has very powerful battery (2500 mah) which can withstand upto 27 hrs . It comes with old Android jelly Beans (4.2) which is outdated now . Kit KAt version should have been there. Has very powerfull 16 mega pixel primary camera , with 8 mega pixel secondary camera. It world's first company to offer such high camera. In terms of Multimedia it lacks in Fm with recording feature.

So if you thinking to buy a phone in this range then Moto x is the better choice than going to Elife E7 but if you have  requirement of camera then go to Elife E7 .This phone is better choice than going to Canvas series .

This phone is basically made for caturing photographs in various sitiations like low light , sunlight etc. The punch of the E7 is "Made For Shooting" , which clearly describes its potential and main aspect of this device.

Share your Experience using comment box

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Friday, 28 March 2014
Brief Review on Latest Google's Moto G

You may have heard about the Motorola's latest Moto g which is relased on flipcart which got huge popularity because of low price and its features . Motorola is owned by Google so we expect a lot from it . This phone no doubt comes with lots of surprising things but it do have some lagging.


It has got 4.5 inch touch screen , IPS LCD. It is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which the the feature which distinguishes it form the same price ranged XOLO Q1100 . Moto G is available various colors which makes it more colorful and beautiful. Moto g looks attracts a lots because of its new design and symbols etc. This phone has changed the look of smartphone world. It is full touch phone no feather touch is prrovided. Moto G is look wise more beautiful than any other phone in below 15K range

Internal Specs

This phone disappoint in the processor as it gives you only 1.2 Ghz Qualcom Snapdragon Quad core processor where as XOLO q1100 gives 1.4 GHz Qualcom Snapdragon Quad Core processor. Operating System the same Android 4.3 Jelly Bean but thank god its Upgradable to Kit Kat version , that's pretty impressive thing which Google offered. Camera gives you only 5 mp rear and 1.3 front where xolo q1100 give you 8 Mp rear and 2 Mp . Moto G camera provides Digital zoom upto-4x , which is not in xolo q1100.Moto g does not supports external memory card that's problem for music and video lovers in terms of storage.


I would say that not doubt the moto g is good choice but its quite costly as compared to cheaper xolo q1100 . Xolo can give you good performance then moto g .

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014
 Add Facebook Social Plugin to blogger

You may have seen Facebook social plugin on websites and now you may be wondering how that author have added that on his website , you also wanted to add such plugin on your site , here is solution I will tell you how to do that but first let me tell you what's that plugin is all about.

What is Social Plugin

It 's just like an any widget which connects facebook platform to your website.This helps you to increase readership for your site . Anyone having facebook account can use this plugin . Facebook offers few plugins :

  • Like Button.
  • Share Button.
  • Comments.
  • Follow.
  • Like Box. 
  • Recommendation Bar.
  • Recommendations Feeds.
  • Activity Feeds.
  • Send Button.
You can Use any plugin which you like or according to your needs.

Adding Like Box tTo Blogger

I m telling you to add like box which will display your follower's profile picture and with "fLike" button.

  • Go to Facebook Developer.
  • Insert the link of your facebook page of your website where you are connected with your followers and where you post the lastest updates or feeds of your blog . Just as the image describes you .
  • Then adjust the Height , width and color Scheme according to your page color. Also tick mark the things to display in the plugin and see preview.
  • Click Get Code. After that you will see some html coding , just copy that.
  • Go to blogger > Layout > select Add a Gadget. Choose Html JavaScript and paste the code and drag & drop the widget where you want plugin to appear.

  • This is all done ,then Save Arrangement.
You can aslo add facebook like box popup windows like when you see on the screen . 

You can add this by just copying the code and pasting it to Html/ JavaScript widget .  Customize it and you will get your own facebook popup like box.
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Monday, 24 March 2014
Best Micromax Phone Ever : Canvas Knight

Micromax had recently launched it's top class Canvas Phone ,which is considered to be best micromax  smartphone available in the market, named Canvas Knight ( A350).Few days before it came into market with price tag of 19999/-.


When you look at this phone , the impression comes in your mind is that it's a iPhone, yes it's true it resembles very much iPhone specially from the side view .The buttons look just like iPhone' buttons.
The screen is copy of Xperia Z,but micromax disappoints by not adding Corning Gorilla glass protection even Elife 6 has protection in the below this price range. All you can say that it's mixture of Xperia Z and iPhone but the difference comes when we switch on the mobile and go in-dept.


The Best you can see here with it's Octa Core 2GHz processor which is superbly fast and lets you do anything simultaneously like playing high graphic games , switching between the apps etc. There is no lag of time while using it. Micromax beats Nexus 4 and S4 mini in terms of resolution and pixels.It's Camera works far better than Canvas turbo in the low light and during sunlight. This phone has 16 mega pixel rear camera and 8 mega pixel rear camera , which the attractive feature of this device. Another feature that distinguishes it from other phones is Yamaha Amplifier which is very loud and it has potential to impress music lovers.It is the first micromax phone with Octa core processor.


You should go with this phone instead of purchasing expensive because you get pretty well thing in low price rate and little look of iphone too . This phone is particularly for the low budget buyers  who wants best and trusted phone in low budget.Canvas knight do have some drawbacks but its acceptable , not too bad . It is top class Micromax phone , by its engineers team.Gionee mobile has better scope and quality than Micromax phones , you should also consider them aslo.

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