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Friday, 14 November 2014

Charging Iphone 6/6 Plus: Multi USB Charger by CHOETECH

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You can charge your iPhone 6/6Plus at faster rate with Multi USB Charger by CHOETECH

According to the recent study by iLounge, the latest iPhone 6/ 6Plus have an ability to draw the maximum current of 2.1Amp. If you use a high capacity charger, iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus can fill up to 90% of its battery life in less than 2 hours. However, the new devices still come with the same small power brick rated 5Watts and 1Ampere charger that restricted its users to use faster charging feature.

To use the faster charging feature in iPhone 6/6Plus, charger with capacity 2.4Amp at their each port like CHOETECH Multi USB charger can provide extra bit of current to these latest iPhones. The charger has overall capacity of 10Amps or 2.4Amps at each port that can fully charge both of these Smartphones simultaneously within 2 hours with its intelligent auto-detection feature.

However, some of the battery experts even warn that this may create negative impact on the battery life of your Smartphones but it really doesn’t matter if you replace your device once in every year.

With CHOETECH rapid USB Charger, you can charge up to 6 devices on its 6 USB Ports. The charger has Smart Integrated Chip inside it that automatically detects whether the devices connected on its ports are Android or iOS based and regulates the current accordingly. It means each and every device connected with its ports will charge at its maximum charging potential. Apart from iPhone 6/6 Plus, other devices like Galaxy Note4, Nexus 6, iPad Air 2, HTC M8, Moto X, Sony Xperia Z2/z3/z3 compact, Xiomi Mi3/Mi4, Samsung Galaxy S5 (Japanese) and Galaxy Note Edge can also support faster charging with this Multi USB charger.

CHOETECH Multi USB Charger charging iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, Nexus 7, Nexus 5, iPhone 4S at faster rate

Most of the USB Charger will work with most Smartphones, but there are some important things you must be aware before using them. It is recommended that you should use the same charger that comes with your respective iPhone to charge the device. However, in certain cases or could say scenarios, if the amperage matched up then it doesn’t hurt to use different charger that add more convenience to overall charging process. So go ahead and try some high capacity based chargers to experience the rapid charging feature of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Best Low Budget Phone : Huawei Honor Holly

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Hauwei has launched it low budget phone recently which is named as Honor Holly . It comes for 6,999/- INR as per price. Hauwei honor Holly is capable to beat very popular Moto E and Micromax Canvas Fire. Hauwei is new in smartphone market and is doing very good job since it is giving more features as compared to top brands like  Motorola , Samsung, Sony etc. Today many expensive smartphones are available in the low price range due to their price drops , which gives you more options .  Lets check it out and explore Honor Holly in detail.

Display and Design 

It is a 5 inch long phone which has screen size more than Moto E (4.3 inch). Honor Holly have IPS LCD touchscreen with 720*1280 pixels resolution which is far better than Moto E (540*960 pixels). Protection wise Moto E wins because it has Corning Gorilla Glass  3 protection but Hauwei honor Holly did not have that which is its drawback.

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Inside the Device

Speaking about processing speed it is twice as faster than the Moto E since it is Quad core while Moto E is dual Core. Honor holly has MediaTek chipset while Moto E qualcomm snapdragon which is supposed to be better than Mediatek. Snapdragon performance is better than MediaTek , there is less heating in Snapdragon as compared to MediaTek. It can host 3 G and 2G network but cannot host 4G, which is a drawback since today 4G is available in the market. 

Internal storage of 16 Gb is available with 1 Gb of RAM while Moto E has only 4 Gb of internal storage . Both of them support external MicroSd card.So we can say that there is no issue in terms of storage. You can store unlimited videos , pictures and audios.

Camera wise Honor Holly leads since it has  8 mp primary and 2 mp secondary camera. There is secondary camera in Moto E but Micromax Canvas Fire do have it. Video recording at 1080p is there, which lets you record HD video. LED flash is available on the rear side only but now days many smartphones have front LED flash , which is drawback of Honor Holly.

Huawei is witnessing huge success since the consumers are completely satisfied , it is on huge demand on flipkart , its out of stock now. After the Moto E , this is the second phone which is getting such a pleasant response. Huawei Honor Holly alos beated Sony Xperia M which comes for 10K
INR , in every aspects (speed, size, storage, camera etc). It is also the best low budget phone . 

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

HTC Desire 816 G : Mid Range Phone

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HTC smartphones are known for their look and performance. HTC phones are considered to be slimmest and most adorable . HTC is gaining popularity since the past few year. It is giving tough competition to Samsung and Sony . HTC M8 (one) was preferred more by the users than Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z3. Because of its smartness and look HTC is leading in smartphone market. Now HTC has introduced a new smartphone in the mid price range , known as HTC Desire 816 G. It is Priced 18K approx as per .It is only available in Black and White variant. HTC should give more colors to it.

Display and Design

HTC Desire 816 is 5.5 inches long which is longest among other smartphones of this price range , for example Grand 2 (5.25 inch) , Elife E5(4.8) smallest one ,  Canvas 4 plus (5 inches). It is slimmest among all and most attractive as per user choice. HTC smartphones have something new in their design. Even Gionee smartphones also have good looks and sleek design .

 Looking wise Gionee HTC and LG are competing  with each other to provide a good looking smart phone to you. Samsung and Sony smartphones have their own trade marked look . There are only little changes as per looks. HTC Desire 816 G is available in only two variant White and Blue. It should have introduce this model in more colors , like Lenovo S850 comes in pink , blue and white. Colorful smartphones are more preferred . 

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Inside the Device

Desire 816 G is a dual sim phone which supports nano sim and have dual stand by. It has HTC sensed Android version (Kitkat).It has Quad Core processor and MediaTek  chipset , which is not as good as snapdragon since there is heating effect in MediaTek processor while playing high end games.  HTC Desire have 1 GB of RAM which is lower than Galaxy Grand 2 since Grand 2 has 1.5 Gb of Ram. Internal storage of 8 Gb is there  which is low as compared to Elife E5 ( 16 Gb) . User memory is only 4 Gb which is very low , it will hang wtih normal usage since there is not sufficient space.

It do support external MicroSd card which is expandable upto 32 Gb. MicroSd card will surely solve the storage issue but you can't run applications on it  since they run only using internal storage , which is quite low.

This device supports 4G sim , which let you surf and download with extremely super fast speed. 4g is launched now , only few smartphones are there which are compatible with 4G like Galaxy S5 ,Note 4 etc.Many more smartphone which are coming to market will have 4G technology .

Camera wise HTC Desire 816 G beats Galaxy Grand 2 since it has 13 mp primary camera and 5 mp secondary camera while Grand 2 have only 8 mp primary and 1.9 mp secondary.Talking about sound and speaker then let me tell you it has Boom Sound which is known to be best sound system.

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Now the price of Moto X and Micromax Canvas Knight is also dropped on flipkart , this gives you more options over HTC Desire 816G. You can buy also Canvas Knight if you are photography lover because it has 16 mp primary and 8 mp secondary camera. and iphone lover since it has Iphonic looks.Now choice is your which would be your choice ? Comment.

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

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Here comes the super smartphone of Samsung named as Galaxy Note 4.  Note series and Galaxy series are the two most popular series of samsung in the world. These samrtphones have won millions of hearts by their screen size , display , speed and camera. Samsung is continuously improving its features in Note series . After the succes of Note 3 and Note 3 neo now Note 4 is launched worldwide with lots of improvements. It comes for 61K INR according to .Lets check it out

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Display and Design 

In the starting it is mentioned that it is a super smartphone , so it is expected to be very long in size thus it has 5.7 inches long display ,Quad HD super AMOLED display.  Size wise it is same with NOTE 3 but let me tell you Note series have largest screen size comparing to top class smartphones of Sony , HTC etc. But look wise it si not as good as HTC and Xperia , even Gionee and LG smartphones have very attractive looks.

Body is metallic , with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection for display.  Pixels density is highest in Note 4 (551 ppi) as compared to Sony Xperia Z3 , Note 3, HTC M8 and Galaxy S5. It do have finger print protection (paypal certified)  but it lacks IP67 or IP68 protection or we can say it is not water resistant. Beautiful S pen is also there with Note 4. 

Inside The Device

It has no doubt 2.67 GHz Octa core processor, like Note 3 . 3Gb of Ram is there which lets you play high end game very efficently and run various applications at a time with no time lags or never hangs.
You will be pleased to play big games like eg Asphalt 8 , FIFA 14 etc on this big screen with 4K resolution .

Camera wise there is little upgradation to Note 3 like earlier it was 13 mp rear , now it is 16 mp with increment in resolution (4K) , front was 2 mp earlier now its is 3 mp with 1440p . features are nearly all same , dual shot , autofocus , LED flash, Geo tagging , Face/smile detection etc.Nothing new is there.  Xperia Z3 camera is much better than Note 4 since Z3 has 20.7 mp rear with 4K , HTC has 5 mp front HD which is also an good camera device.

Fast charging feature is there which lets you charge 30% faster , battery capacity is 3220 mah which is more than enough.for example when you charge a smartphone 0 to 50 % which is usually a one hour process , but in Note 4 it takes only half an our to charge . This feature is very helpful when you are in hurry and your battery is down.

Advanced S pen also comes with Note 4 which life much more easier , it lets you copy any text easily. You can also sign ( digital signature) very efficiently. Its very smooth , just like the normal pen which we use in our day to day life. There is a feature called photo note with this you can capture a picture and crop and edit the text.Like you have captured a picture of  newspaper, now you can edit the written text on it with S pen .   

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sony Xperia Z3 : Latest One

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Senior to Xperia Z2 entered into market now. Sony Xperia Z3 is the best smartphone of the sony till date .It is the costliest too, since it comes for approx 47K on flipkart. Since its the top most phone of Sony then it is supposed to overcome all the drawbacks of previous xperia smartphone. Let check it out.

Design and Display 

Z3 has 5.3 inches screen size , only 0.2 inches is increased from Z2. There are no changes in display , everything is same with Z2 like shatter proof glass, triluminos display, multi touch upto 10 fingers, 424 pixel density.  Xperia Z3 beats Galaxy S5 in terms of display and protection. Of course it is water and dust resistant since Z3 is IP68 certified. Z3 is water resistant upto 1.5 metres and 30 minutes, which lets you take pictures and record videos underwater upto 30 min.You should take care to close all the ports firmlyeg USB , Sim card and memory card slot.One shocking thing is Xperai Z3 is fire resistant upto certain limits.

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Inside The Device

Xperia Z3 and Z2 both are Quad Core , it should have been Octa Core since it is the top most phone of sony. It has  2.5 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor processor. It features 3 Gb of Ram and internal 16/32 Gb memory with expandable MicroSd card slot utpo 128GB.Well this is quite appealing , it won't create a storage issue for you and there will be no lag while switching apps and playing high end games. Battery backup is good since it has 3100 mah capacity battery. It can survive 2 days with normal usage. 

Camera wise , you know Xperia smartphones are one of the best in terms of sensor and focus of there camera. It has Exmor-RS sensor which takes a superb pic even in complete dark .Primary camera is 20.7 mp with 4K resolution and secondary is 2.2 mp.Secondary camera could have been better since its only 2.2 mp while Note 4  has 3.5 mp secondary . You can take picture with less noise with this. You must have seen the advertisement of sony 4k Tv , sony is the first one to introduce the 4K technology which is four times the 1080p(full HD). It is ultra high definition smartphone which captures a stunning picture.

The thing which is eye catching in camera is its Handycam recording technology which lets you record a stunning video with 4K resolution.It is first smartphone with Handycam technology. for camera lovers this is something you will love a lot.


Sony Xperia Z3 is also connective with various device like Z2 . You can transfer data via NFC with other device which supports NFC like laptops , smartphones . You can also connect with smart gear to control music on smartphone anywhere.If you Sony BRAVIA TV then you can connect Z3 via bluetooth.

It is the only smartphone which has Sony PS4 remote play feature, which is something very exciting for gamers. Its best choice for gamers .It is compatible with various device like projectors , smart gear etc.

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