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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lenovo A6000 :New Competitor

Lenovo is introducing more number of smartphones day by day . Now it has launched its new smartphone named as Lenovo A6000 which is lowest budget phone of Lenovo which can compete with very popular Redmi 1s and Huawei Honor Holly . These are one of the best selling smartphone in that price range , they are famous because of their features which comes at price of 7K approx.  Lenovo also comes for that same price so it is natural it will be compared with those popular smartphones. Lets check which one is better .

Display and Design 

It has got beautiful look which is far better than Huawei and Redmi 1s , it is very light as compared to both the devices , Redmi 1s being the heaviest. Lenovo is famous for introducing handy and light weighted smartphone , merely all the smartphone launched by Lenovo are light weighted and slim. This device is available in four colours which gives you choice to buy you favourite coloured smartphone.Both Lenovo and Huawei have 5 inch display but Redmi 1s has only 4.7 inch display.

Now talking about resolution of Lenovo A6000 , it has IPS capacitive touchscreen as usual like other smartphone and resoluiton of 720*1280 pixels . Problem is with pixel per density which is lower than Xiaomi Redmi 1s since Redmi 1s has 312 ppi where as Lenovo A6000 has 294 ppi.  Main drawback is of screen protection  because Lenovo A6000 does not have Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection , many lenovo smartphone does not have this like Lenovo S850 etc.They should consider providing screen protection( scratch proof glass).  

Inside The Device  

Lenovo A6000 is a dual sim smartphone which also supports 4G sim .It is the only smartphone which supports 4G technology , and other thing is that its price is too low which gives relaxtion to your pocket.  It does not comes with latest android version Lolipop but it has 4.4.2 Kitkat version which is upgradable to Lolipop. Quad core 1.2 GHz processor is present with Snapdragon chipset and adreno 306 . 

The thing which is new in Lenovo is Twin Dolby digital Speaker , which gives clear and loud sound. This feature is missing in both Redmi 1s and Huawei Honor holly . All three of them have 1 Gb of RAM . Redmi 1s and Lenovo A6000 have 8 Gb of ROM , but Huawei has 16 Gb of ROM . MicorSd card slot is there in all of them . Lenovo has 8 mp of primary camera and 2 mp of secondary camera with LED flash at rear side. 

If your are bored of Xiaomi Redmi 1S , Huawei Honor Holly and Moto E , then this is the new thing which you would like to have in your pocket . It is becoming very popular on flipkart since it's the only 4G phone available at such price , registrations are opened .   Grab it fast it is available on flipkart 


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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Apple Iphone 6 Most Awaited Phone

The number one company of the world Apple has launched new version of smartphone to its very famous Iphone series , named as Iphone 6 . This is the latest version and one of the best seller in the market worldwide. Iphone does not even need introduction since it is popular world wide. It is the best seller smartphone and most reliable as per customer reviews .It was again launched in the month of september , most of the new version of Iphone series are launched in that month only. Iphone 6 (16 Gb variant)  is coming at price of 51K in India as per flipkart price.

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Display and Design  

There are as such not many changes in Iphone 6 , size is increased 0.7 inches from Iphone 5S , now it is 4.7 inches . Protection wise it has shatter proof glass , earlier it had Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.Nexus 6 is bigger and heavier than Iphone 6 since it weighs 184g where as Iphone 6 is light (129g). Screen size is also more in Nexus 6 (6 inches). Nexus 6 comes at cheaper price than iPhone 6 , both are newly launched and the competition is between them only nowdays.

 LED backlight is present in IPhone 6 same as IPhone 5 ( since it is trademark of Apple smartphone having glowing apple symbol.) , which has been copied by lenovo . There is not much change in the resolution of the phone since IPhone 5s and iPhone 6S both have 326 ppi (pixel per density) , but little bit increment in the pixels like Iphone 5s have 1136*640 pixels and IPhone 6 have 1334*750 pixels. 

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Inside The IPhone

This  latest version of Iphone has latest version of operating system , IOS 8 , which is newly released. Earlier IPhone 5s has IOS v7 and A7 chip with 64 bit architecture   and M7 motion Coprocessor, now Iphone 6s have A8 chip with 64 and M8 motion Coprocessor.It is availabe in two three varaint 16 Gb,  64 Gb, 128 Gb internal storage.  Both the IPhone have 8 mp primary camera and 1.2 mp secondary camera. Same lens and same camera features are there in both Iphone 5s and 6s , there is nothing new in the camera . It was assumed that IPhone 6s will have 12 mp primary camera before it's launch but apple didn't made any upgradation in Iphone 5s.Apple need to provide somthing even new and more because no one can say when some new product will come and beat IPhone. So they should keep adding more to it like more powerful camera.

There are many alternatives also like Nexus  6 , Note 4 and HTC One Max , which can also impress you . IPhones are generally purchased by the customer just to show off and add big branding to their status . Features available in IPhone can also be seen in various different phones which are even cheaper than IPhone. So buy smartly and think before you buy what you actually need ? do share your valuable views  using comment which one will you buy ?

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Friday, 9 January 2015

What's New In Google Nexus 6

Latest smartphone of the Nexus series has been launched now , called Nexus 6 by Motorola . Don't get confused that is it of Google or Motorola ? . Fact is Motorola Mobility has been acquired by Google . Google is growing day by day , by acquiring many companies every month. This Nexus 6 is able to compete with other popular smartphone present in the market, which comes merely in the same price range. Since price of Iphone 5S is dropped and now it is coming for 39K as per flipkart rate and Nexus 6 comes for approx 48K . So now Nexus has to compete with very popular apple Iphone .

Display and Design 

Nexus is designed has very slim and beautiful design .You can see screen size  by there name also , Nexus 5 have 5 inch screen size , Nexus 9 has 9 inch since its a tablet and now this latest one Nexus 6 has 6 inches display which is largest Nexus smartphone , you may be thinking that Nexus 9  is largest but it is tablet not smartphone and Nexus 5 is of 5 inches therefore Nexus 6 is largest in terms of smartphone. Nexus 5 has LG branding over its back , now Nexus 6 has Motorola branding over its back . It do have Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Well you can't expect 4K resolution in Nexus 6 since it has 1440*2560 pixels resolution. the thing which is new in this Nexus is its water resistant capability , yes you heard correct , it is water resistant just like Sony Xperia Z series. But underwater photography would not be possible in Nexus 6 like Xperia Z3 .Nexus 6 edges out 5.5 inch Apple Iphone 6s , since its resolution is double than iphone. Nexus 6 can be alternative to very popular iphone 6s. Nexus 6 comes at low price than iphones , so its a profitable deal.

Inside The Device

This device has the latest version of Android installed in it , which is Android Lollipop. Nexus 6 is available in 32 Gb and 64 Gb variant . difference is of internal storage available in the device, rest all the features are same. Moreover it do not have external MicroSd card slot , which is drawback. Since it can create storage issues for music & video lovers, and for the gamers too.It has Quad core 2.67 GHz processor and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which is very good , will give you better performance than MediaTek processor. 

Talking about the camera , Nexus has 13 mp primary camera with dual LED flash at it's rear side and 2 mp secondary camera (front camera) . But there is no flash in front camera , it should have been included since now days many selfie smartphones are launched with front camera like Xperia C3 etc. 
Resolution is good and picture quality is also superb of Nexus 6.

According to review of consumer there is defect in battery of Nexus 6 , it swells and expands . That is why Motorola has announced to replace all the mobiles from consumer who are getting this kind of trouble. 
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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Lenovo Vibe X2

One of the most stylish smartphone of Lenovo is launched in the market . Good thing is that it comes below the price range of 20 K as per Flipkart price. This is the most stylish smartphone after HTC Desire 816 . One may become its fan just at first sight. This phone has many feature which can impress you upto great extent.It is simply the best lenovo smartphone in the market right now. Lenovo has recently entered into smartphone market , they are doing well now , learning from there mistakes and improving too.

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Design And Display

Lenovo Vibe X2 has three layered body. Layers of three different colours is there which makes it unique smartphone having such type of design . This is something new for the buyers . Lenovo is competing with HTC in terms of looks. This is no doubt a 5 inch device having display of HD display (1080*1920 pixels) . Protection wise Lenovo has considered using Corning gorilla Glass 3 protection which was not there in its S850 model launched recently few months before.

Inside the Device

Lenovo vibe X2 is powered with 2 GHz Octa core processor but the chipset is MediaTek , which is not better than Qualcomm Snapdragon. Lenovo is stucked with MediaTek processor since all the phone launched  of Lenovo have MediaTek processor. the drawback of this processor is heating effect, while you play high end games like Asphalt 8, fifa etc. 2 Gb of RAM and 32 Gb ROM is present in this device which is quite appreciable. 

13 mp rear camera and 5 mp front camera is there in Lenovo but Canvas knight has 16 mp secondary and 8 mp front which comes for lower price than Lenovo Vibe X2 , few days before Canvas Knight was coming at 50% discounted price. Canvas Knight is the only competitor which has ability to defeat Lenovo in the price range of below 20 K. But choice varies from person to person whether you go for looks or you go for camera an looks , well in that case Canvas Knight wins since it Iphonic look with powerful camera . Another advantage of Canvas Knight is that it do support external memory card. Moreover 2300 mah capacity Li-Polymer battery is present which has battery backup.

All I can say that it is a beautiful device which can become  a style icon . Performance wise it is good  but not better than Canvas Knight . Lenovo needs to upgrade few things to give a perfect device .Lenovo might not give you same quality which it gives in their laptop and desktop PC. They are new in the field of smartphone but this device even gives better performance than Galaxy Note 4 and Xperia Z3 which are twice or thrice costly than Lenovo Vibe X2 . If you can't afford such costly device then surely lenovo can be your choice.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Charging Iphone 6/6 Plus: Multi USB Charger by CHOETECH

You can charge your iPhone 6/6Plus at faster rate with Multi USB Charger by CHOETECH

According to the recent study by iLounge, the latest iPhone 6/ 6Plus have an ability to draw the maximum current of 2.1Amp. If you use a high capacity charger, iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus can fill up to 90% of its battery life in less than 2 hours. However, the new devices still come with the same small power brick rated 5Watts and 1Ampere charger that restricted its users to use faster charging feature.

To use the faster charging feature in iPhone 6/6Plus, charger with capacity 2.4Amp at their each port like CHOETECH Multi USB charger can provide extra bit of current to these latest iPhones. The charger has overall capacity of 10Amps or 2.4Amps at each port that can fully charge both of these Smartphones simultaneously within 2 hours with its intelligent auto-detection feature.

However, some of the battery experts even warn that this may create negative impact on the battery life of your Smartphones but it really doesn’t matter if you replace your device once in every year.

With CHOETECH rapid USB Charger, you can charge up to 6 devices on its 6 USB Ports. The charger has Smart Integrated Chip inside it that automatically detects whether the devices connected on its ports are Android or iOS based and regulates the current accordingly. It means each and every device connected with its ports will charge at its maximum charging potential. Apart from iPhone 6/6 Plus, other devices like Galaxy Note4, Nexus 6, iPad Air 2, HTC M8, Moto X, Sony Xperia Z2/z3/z3 compact, Xiomi Mi3/Mi4, Samsung Galaxy S5 (Japanese) and Galaxy Note Edge can also support faster charging with this Multi USB charger.

CHOETECH Multi USB Charger charging iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, Nexus 7, Nexus 5, iPhone 4S at faster rate

Most of the USB Charger will work with most Smartphones, but there are some important things you must be aware before using them. It is recommended that you should use the same charger that comes with your respective iPhone to charge the device. However, in certain cases or could say scenarios, if the amperage matched up then it doesn’t hurt to use different charger that add more convenience to overall charging process. So go ahead and try some high capacity based chargers to experience the rapid charging feature of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Best Low Budget Phone : Huawei Honor Holly

Hauwei has launched it low budget phone recently which is named as Honor Holly . It comes for 6,999/- INR as per flipkart.com price. Hauwei honor Holly is capable to beat very popular Moto E and Micromax Canvas Fire. Hauwei is new in smartphone market and is doing very good job since it is giving more features as compared to top brands like  Motorola , Samsung, Sony etc. Today many expensive smartphones are available in the low price range due to their price drops , which gives you more options . It comes in the price range of Redmi 1s and Moto E so naturally it will be compared with those , Redmi 1s being most popular in that range could give tough competition to Huawei Honor Holly. Lets check it out and explore Honor Holly in detail.

Display and Design 

Honor Holly  is a 5 inch long phone which has screen size more than Moto E (4.3 inch). Honor Holly have IPS LCD touchscreen with 720*1280 pixels resolution which is far better than Moto E (540*960 pixels). Protection wise Moto E wins because it has Corning Gorilla Glass  3 protection but Hauwei honor Holly did not have that which is its drawback.Moreover Redmi 1s has nearly same resolution but it is .8 inch smaller than Huawei Honor Holly.

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Inside the Device

Speaking about processing speed it is twice as faster than the Moto E since it is Quad core while Moto E is dual Core. Honor holly has MediaTek chipset while Moto E qualcomm snapdragon which is supposed to be better than MediaTek. Snapdragon performance is better than MediaTek , there is less heating in Snapdragon as compared to MediaTek. It can host 3 G and 2G network but cannot host 4G, which is a drawback since today 4G is available in the market. 

Internal storage of 16 Gb is available with 1 Gb of RAM while Moto E has only 4 Gb of internal storage . Both of them support external MicroSd card.So we can say that there is no issue in terms of storage. You can store unlimited videos , pictures and audios.

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Camera wise Honor Holly leads since it has  8 mp primary and 2 mp secondary camera. There is secondary camera in Moto E but Micromax Canvas Fire do have it. Video recording at 1080p is there, which lets you record HD video. LED flash is available on the rear side only but now days many smartphones have front LED flash , which is drawback of Honor Holly.

Huawei is witnessing huge success since the consumers are completely satisfied , it is on huge demand on flipkart , its out of stock now. After the Moto E , this is the second phone which is getting such a pleasant response. Huawei Honor Holly also beated Sony Xperia M which comes for 10K
INR , in every aspects (speed, size, storage, camera etc). It is also the best low budget phone . 

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

HTC Desire 816 G : Mid Range Phone

HTC smartphones are known for their look and performance. HTC phones are considered to be slimmest and most adorable . HTC is gaining popularity since the past few year. It is giving tough competition to Samsung and Sony . HTC M8 (one) was preferred more by the users than Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z3. Because of its smartness and look HTC is leading in smartphone market. Now HTC has introduced a new smartphone in the mid price range , known as HTC Desire 816 G. It is Priced 18K approx as per flipkart.com .It is only available in Black and White variant. HTC should give more colors to it.

Display and Design

HTC Desire 816 is 5.5 inches long which is longest among other smartphones of this price range , for example Grand 2 (5.25 inch) , Elife E5(4.8) smallest one ,  Canvas 4 plus (5 inches). It is slimmest among all and most attractive as per user choice. HTC smartphones have something new in their design. Even Gionee smartphones also have good looks and sleek design .

 Looking wise Gionee HTC and LG are competing  with each other to provide a good looking smart phone to you. Samsung and Sony smartphones have their own trade marked look . There are only little changes as per looks. HTC Desire 816 G is available in only two variant White and Blue. It should have introduce this model in more colors , like Lenovo S850 comes in pink , blue and white. Colorful smartphones are more preferred . 

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Inside the Device

Desire 816 G is a dual sim phone which supports nano sim and have dual stand by. It has HTC sensed Android version (Kitkat).It has Quad Core processor and MediaTek  chipset , which is not as good as snapdragon since there is heating effect in MediaTek processor while playing high end games.  HTC Desire have 1 GB of RAM which is lower than Galaxy Grand 2 since Grand 2 has 1.5 Gb of Ram. Internal storage of 8 Gb is there  which is low as compared to Elife E5 ( 16 Gb) . User memory is only 4 Gb which is very low , it will hang wtih normal usage since there is not sufficient space.

It do support external MicroSd card which is expandable upto 32 Gb. MicroSd card will surely solve the storage issue but you can't run applications on it  since they run only using internal storage , which is quite low.

This device supports 4G sim , which let you surf and download with extremely super fast speed. 4g is launched now , only few smartphones are there which are compatible with 4G like Galaxy S5 ,Note 4 etc.Many more smartphone which are coming to market will have 4G technology .

Camera wise HTC Desire 816 G beats Galaxy Grand 2 since it has 13 mp primary camera and 5 mp secondary camera while Grand 2 have only 8 mp primary and 1.9 mp secondary.Talking about sound and speaker then let me tell you it has Boom Sound which is known to be best sound system.

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Now the price of Moto X and Micromax Canvas Knight is also dropped on flipkart , this gives you more options over HTC Desire 816G. You can buy also Canvas Knight if you are photography lover because it has 16 mp primary and 8 mp secondary camera. and iphone lover since it has Iphonic looks.Now choice is your which would be your choice ? Comment.

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